Tawny Janae

Solemate Q&A

•What lights me up ~ 

   Cooking for my loved ones. 


•What I do when I'm stressed~ 

   One of two things: 1. I either workout like crazy so that I can sweat it all out and let go. 2. I sit and meditate until I al calm. 


•What makes me LOL~ 

   I bust up laughing when I fall or get hurt, for some reason I find it pretty freaking hilarious. I also find it just as funny when other people get hurt..which isn't very nice but I may laugh at you but I will also help you up. 


•Click me heels~ 

   If I could be anywhere, I'd have to say Tavarua in Fiji with all of my loved ones. There is something so magical about that island. The energy, the people and the fact that surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing and more are all at your fingertips. 


•I feel strongest when~ 

   When I am teaching and my students are in Savanasa at tge end of class. Knowing that they are in a peaceful place and I helped guide them makes my heart smile.



•First thing I do when I wake~ 

   I STRETCH! There's no better feeling after sleeping and not moving than stretching real big and waking up your muscles before asking them to work. 


•Best Health Tip~

   Oh man, I can go on for DAYS with that question... if I had to narrow it down to two it would be 1. to drink more water. Even if you think you drink enough, chances are you could always use a little more. Secondly I'd say MOVE. We are all "busy" and in a rush or "don't have enough time" but I promise you do. Whether it's 3 or 30 minutes do something for your body daily. Stretch, walk, foam roll, squats DO SOMETHING. We only have one body in this lifetime, our body is our home so keep it in good condition. 


I'm an adventure seeking yogi with a background and passion for dance. You'll most likely find me in a yoga class, organic juice spot, on the beach or snowboarding down a mountain. Activity & the outdoors fuel my soul. I am obsessed with health & wellness. Being a 500 hour certified yoga teacher has allowed me to constantly work on myself while helping others become more confident on their mats and in their bodies. My hope is to rub my healthy active ways off on anyone who is interested.