Juliet Sabella

Solemate Q&A

What lights you up? 

So much! 

Professionally: when I see members in my studio chatting away across the room or helping each other set up a bike or go over a move in barre.  I love the community feel that has become known in our studio.


Personally:  When I see my husband with our baby. Seeing how happy our dogs our when we are with them and puppies.  I love puppies. 


When I get overwhelmed and stressed, I run.  Running is my go to for anything when I need to clear my head.  I


I laugh out loud when I play a joke or trick on someone.  I have this sick obsession with jumping out and scaring my friends. 


If I could click my heels I would go  back to Turks and Caicos.  I took my Exhale Barre Certification there and it changed my life.  I’m an island hopper and I have never been to a prettier place.  We will 100% retire there!


I feel the strongest when I know I have honestly put forth my best effort.  


The first thing I do when I wake up is hug my dogs!! I have a French Bulldog named Brooklyn and a Boxer named Hudson.  They sleep with us every night and i love waking up to them right next to us.  


My best health tip is take everything ONE DAY AT A TIME!   We all want instant results and if we had that, I would be out of a job ;-) , but in all seriousness, change takes time.  If you take the time to do things correctly and learn from mistakes, you will see results that will last a lifetime.  You might mess up one day, but learn from that mistake and do better the next.  



I’ve owned my studio, The Wall Cycling Studio, since 2012 and love my job. I teach spinning and barre. I hold several cycling certifications and am barre certified through Exhale Spa. In 2017, my studio launched an indoor cycling instructor training program and I am loving teaching eager participants on what makes a quality instructor. To say that Fitness is my life is an understatement. At the age of 18, I was classified as Class 2 Obesity and pre-diabetic. I found fitness when I needed it the most and i have never turned back. Over the course of a year, I lost close to 85 pounds and have kept it off since 2004. When I am not teaching, I can be found with my family around my town of Manayunk, PA, helping coordinate the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Canine Cancer Foundation or just running. I’m training for the Chicago and Philadelphia marathon this year with hopes to qualify for a specific marathon within the next year or so.