Logan Prince

Solemate Q&A

Why Tavi Noir?  You know you love a product when you plan your entire outfit around it! Tavi Noir is the only sock that is both functional and fashionable. I was instantly drawn to them because of their look and the fact that I could use them for more occasions than just workout out! On top of their look, Tavi Noirs durability and quality is unbeatable. 

I am most proud: of myself, the people and friends I surround myself with, and my entire family for being the bravest humans on this planet. Life is to short to be unhappy. Create dreams, chase them, and then prove the world you are one badass by achieving them.


When I get overwhelmed and stressed I: bite off all my finger nails, and then complain that I just ruined my nail polish. 


My happy place is: anywhere there is water; whether it be the beach, lake, or even a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine in one hand. Too much to ask for?


If I could be anywhere right now it would: be sitting with my toes in the sand, along side my husband, eating a double scooped chocolate ice cream cone.


I feel the strongest when: I am confident. Nothing can ever compare to the feeling you have when you are 100% assured in yourself, your body, your strength, and your relationships. UNBEATABLE BABY.


My favorite fitness class is: “tucking” it out in Barre class at Studio Barre Encinitas of course! I am also a huge fan of boxing.


The first thing I do when I wake up is: thank God for giving me another day on this beautiful earth, and then immediately assemble an IV drip into my veins full of straight espresso J (aka run to my Keurig)


The best health tip is: one salad will not make you skinny, and one slice of pizza will not make you fat. It is all about balance. Oh, and there is always room for dessert.


My fitness goal is: to never state stagnant. Any new form of boxing, spin, aerial fitness, or Zumba I am 100% down to attempt. Mixing it up keeps you on your toes and constantly changes your body in the best way.  


When I am not teaching I love to: dance around the house shamelessly, photograph everything and anything that brings me joy, and binge watch nonsense gossip reality TV shows. 



Logan Prince has over 23 years of dance experience in a myriad of styles including contemporary, jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, and tumbling. An alumnus of the Arizona State University Dance Team, she continues her career as a Radio City Rockette in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Throughout her dance career, Logan achieved the New York Dance Alliance “Outstanding Dancer” in 2008, several V.I.P scholarships to conventions, along with professional gigs including dancing in the Michael Bublé Christmas concert, The Chew, The Today Show, The Wendy Williams Show and of course the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Her teaching and choreography credits include prestigious studios throughout the Arizona/ California valley. Becoming a Rockette in 2014 marks the most recent highlight of her professional career, which has reinforced the values of discipline, mental strength, and how to be a true professional dancer. Logan was hooked the second she took her first Barre class in the off season. Teaching has always been another one of Logan’s passions so when she was able to combine instructing and her love for creating those long, lean muscles; she knew it was the perfect fit! Logan continues to train and instruct those who share the same thrilling passions that she does.