Jessica Roberts

Solemate Q&A

I am most proud of: my nephew - he’s such an inspiration in his few years on earth he has overcome many obstacles only making him stronger! He’s the reason I started 


When I get overwhelmed and stressed: I love spending time outdoors it is a great stress relief, I enjoying taking a walk with my dogs or enjoying a group class! 


I laugh out loud: whenever possible, I love laughing!! You will quite often hear me laughing in between cueing during my classes. I love when people are working hard in class with a smile on their face, everyone needs a little laughter!


My happy place is: right here and now! Being Present and surrounded with Plants and Nature! 


If I could be anywhere right now it would be: on a beach or hiking! I grew up hiking  and enjoying the beautiful lake in Tahoe. It is always my favorite place to reset!


I feel the strongest when: I just got done with a walk or a class! Nothing like a little sweat to make you feel strong!


My favorite fitness class: is Pilates however I also love Yoga and TRX. Pilates makes me feel strong, my muscles feel stretched and lengthened!


The first thing I do when I wake up is: drink a full glass of water before I enjoy a cup of coffee 


The best health tip is: eat your veggies and hydrate! 


My fitness goal is: move daily! My daily move is going on walks with my dogs, they are a great motivation! Just get out and move! Do something daily take a walk a class, sweat is like MAGIC! 


When I am not teaching I love to: spend time with my pups and get outdoors!


Jessica received her comprehensive Pilates certification through Balanced Body University and Club Pilates. She enjoys working with all ages and fitness levels and strongly believes that Pilates not only offers physical benefits, but is essential for the emotional and spiritual well-being of all individuals. Jessica is certified in TRX Suspension, Barre and Pfilates, which specializes in pelvic floor work. She takes a more progressive approach to reformer training and focuses on safety as well as performance.